• FUN-Nepal Volunteer with students(Program: Teaching at Monastery)
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteers with monastery students
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteers teaching to Buddhist monastery Nepal
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer teaching at monastery in Nepal
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteers at orientation & language class
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer teaching to Orphan kids(Program: Work Orphanage home Nepal)
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer arrival at Kathmandu airport
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer arrival at Kathmandu airport
  • Volunteer with kids (Program: teaching English & Medical/health work in Nepal)
  • Volunteer farewell by Student(Program: teaching English at School in Nepal)
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteering as well as Adventure/jungle safari program
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer in Class room(Program: teaching at School in Nepal)
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer with host Family in last min.
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer in Village resource center/community learning center
  • FUN-Nepal Volunteer with homeless women(Program: women empowerment in Nepal)

Volunteer work with meaningful Culture & Travel Experience in Nepal


For over the last two centuries volunteers from all parts of the world have been contributing in different sectors of our country Nepal. The generous contribution of both national and foreign volunteers, although greatly appreciated, is unable to cater to the many problems facing Nepal. Indeed, more volunteers are required in our nation to uplift our country’s situation where far too many people are deprived of basic needs: education, food, health and sanitation. The alarming environmental changes are another major problem of the world and Nepal is not alienated from this.

Friendship United Nepal (FUN-Nepal), a non-governmental organization was established in October 2008 with a view to combat problems of the Nepalese people by encouraging volunteers to Nepal. The main office of the FUN-Nepal organization is based in Kathmandu and registered in Samaj Kalian Parishd (Social Welfare Council).

“Volunteer activities can foster enormous leadership skills. The nonprofit professional volunteer world is a laboratory for self-realization. ”
-Madeleine Kunin-

Volunteering for positive change in this world is a powerful context for life” -Volunteer Nepal